Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have a plant which is a jasmine or a honeysuckle and it has Berry's growing on it?

i have a plant which is a jasmine or a hunneysukle and it has berrys growing on it where it flowered and my mun asked her mum what does it mean and my grandma said

it means we are in for a bad winter is this true and if it is what would happen in this bad winter i think the plant is a jasmine im not sure its ethier a Jasmine or a honeysuckle

I have a plant which is a jasmine or a honeysuckle and it has Berry's growing on it?
it's honeysuckle.

jasmine doesn't usually have berries.

i was told it would be a hard winter when a holly bush has lots of berries,

to feed the birds, over winter.
Reply:its probably a jasmine has it dark green leaves yes your gran is wright it will be a bad winter nature puts the berries on because it knows its going to be a bad winter so that the birds has plenty of food to keep them going
Reply:if the berries are in little bunches it is honeysuckle.take care the berrys are poisonous.

jasmine flowers with yellow flowers in mid winter when the leaves have fallen it is usually the last flower hibernating butterflys feed on,

usually peacock and red admirals

as for the bad winter we will have to see if grandmas right ,they usually are .

i have starred your question so that when you ask a question i will know and hopefully be able to answer it or pass it on to some one who can,

hope this helps
Reply:Well there are lots of jasmine and honeysuckle varieties.

Honeysuckle are very fragrant...Most jasmine are not as fragrant except for the Star Jasmine which is very fragrant.

No one can predict the weather....

However I will tend to believe your grandma and great grandma's prediction over any weathermans predictions.
Reply:Good if there Strawberries`il buy you a big tin of Cream`??
Reply:It is generally said that when shrubs have masses of berries on them it means we are in for a hard winter. I've seen berries on Honeysuckles, but not on Jasmines, we are growing both.
Reply:Not sure that there is truth to the old wive's tale about winter, but I do know that both smell beautiful. I have jasmine growing in my garden (actually climbing a trellis).
Reply:NOt sure about jasmines but honeysuckle does grow round berries, your grandma of course is totally giving you bull. Plants grow fruits or berries to reproduce themselves, simply shows that the plant is healthy and doing well itself.
Reply:It sounds like honeysuckle mine has small red berries at the moment. I have never heard of your Grandmas saying before. Maybe we might have a white Christmas.
Reply:the fruit plants bear have zero implications, insights, or effect. on the weather. plants are reactionary. so they can tell you what the weather was like. but not what it will be. no reason to argue or point this out to your grandma though. just smile and nod and listen to her 'old wives tale'. half the time old remedies or answers really work the other half they dont but if you call them out or prove them wrong old people have a tendency to stop giving you their wisdom.

This may help you.
Reply:i think its honeysuckle, good luck xxxx

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