Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is Star Jasmine toxic (to dogs or humans)? has Star Jasmine listed on both its toxic plant list ( ) and its non-toxic plant list ( ).

Is Star Jasmine actually toxic to dogs and/or humans? And if so, which parts are toxic and how toxic is it? Is it deadly or merely illness inducing?

I am concerned because of a Star Jasmine plant that borders the yard where my dog plays.

Is Star Jasmine toxic (to dogs or humans)?
Trachelospermum jasminoides ( Star jasmine) is a commonly cultivated garden plant. It has white star shaped flowers.

Young stem / branches and leaves exude milky latex.

This will prove irritating if taken internally .Consumption in

large quantity is definitely dangerous.

But it is not an edible plant neither it has any attractive taste,

why any animal will eat it? In fact animals have inherent ability to steer clear of such plants.

Since it has been cultivated for so long with out any mishaps: your fears are unfounded.


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  2. Star Jasmine's perfume emits a volatile chemical component which causes severe respiratory problems as well as skin and eye irritation. It is also poisonous to wildlife.

  3. Star Jasmine has an alkaloid toxin related to morphine and cocaine. A third of the population is sensitive to the star jasmine and suffers from breathing difficulties and itchy skin.